REFERENCE LETTER: Maria Incantalupi


Reference Letter Jodi McIntyre

To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter of reference for Jodi who I would highly recommend for pet sitting services.

I first met Jodi in 2007 when our former pet sitter was no longer able to perform the services for our two precious cats. Our vet, as a business practice, did not recommend pet sitters possible due to liabi1ity issues. However, my sister-in-law’s vet highly recommended Jodi who in addition to a genuine caring for our furry family, dependability, quality, efficiency, excellent communication skills, and compassion also possessed the qualification of being a medical assistant.

My husband and I traveled quite frequently and we utilized Jodi fairly often for pet sitting services. We truly valued her and always had always had peace of mind when we traveled. Jodi is a true professional!! Scheduling was easy and performed via email. I also had occasion to call/text, Jodi to fill her in on various medical issues that our cats had over the years and she always got back to me quickly. She also left us a written update upon our return advising us how our kitties were. Most importantly, our cats always seemed fine upon our return; they looked good, liter area, and the house was well cared for. We never ever had to worry and that is the true test of how you feel about someone entering your home and most importantly caring for our pet family so dear to us.

Additionally, Jodi, always sends an email update to advise us of her vacation plans so that we could plan accordingly.

In short, I would highly recommend Jodi for pet sitting services. We can’t speak highly enough about her!!!



Maria Incantalupi