REFERENCE LETTER: Jacqueline Manni


Reference Letter Jodi McIntyre

To Whom It May Concern, 

I am writing to recommend Jodi McIntyre and her company Pet Angels. Jodi has taken care of my pets since 2008. She came highly recommended by my aunt. I was, of course, anxious to leave my dog Beni and cat Marty for 10 days – my first time leaving my babies – but I didn’t have a thing to worry about. Jodi is not only warm and caring, but also has vet tech training, and can recognize if an animal isn’t well and needs help. I was able to go away with peace of mind. Throughout my trip, I received details on how they were doing, and I came home to happy and healthy pets. 

Over the years, I have exclusively asked Jodi to take care of my pets. Beni and Marty, after long lives of 15 and 22 years have passed on, but now there is Woody and Midnight, both cats, in my home and heart. Jodi has cared for them, sending photos and texts as I traveled near and far. I’m an anxious traveler, but one thing I was never worried about was that my best friends were being cared for well. I trust Jodi completely. 

I am happy that Jodi is starting a new adventure in a new place, but I am heartbroken that she will not be close by to take care of my Woody and Midnight if I need to go away. Her future clients are so lucky. I wish I were able to still have her for my guys. I am going to miss her warm care, her adorable photos of our babies, and her reassuring texts and calls. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to speak with you about how wonderful Jodi is! 


Jacqueline Manni