Reference Letter Jodi McIntyre

Dearest Dog or Cat Owner,

If you’re reading this, please know that Aunt Jodi is a one of a kind. She’s not just someone that has watched our dogs the last 10+ years, but she’s truly part of our family (oh do we miss her!!!).

We not only adore and trust her with our dogs over the years (Willie, Romeo, LuLu and Skip), but she knows the ins and outs of our pets and their good and bad days. Good days being great days, walks and treats, but also alerts us if they ever seem off, sluggish or if there’s something to keep an eye on, being a Vet tech has come in handy for us many times and we’re so thankful for all Jodi has done for our puppers.

Aunt Jodi is reliable on the sunniest and brightest days and there in those dreadful rainy, snowy days with a smile. She is simply great and your pets will think so too! Every dog or cat needs an Aunt Jodi! Please feel free to reach out any time with questions!

—Chapman and Stacey Vail