About Aunt Jodi

Aunt Jodi’s Pet Care is a professional, reliable way to provide your pet the care they need. The best care for your pet is always my top priority. Aunt Jodi’s Pet Care is owned and operated by myself, Jodi McIntyre.

I have 10 years experience as a veterinarian technician and 18 years operating my own pet care business. I have excellent references, from my amazing clients, highlighting my professionalism with your pet and your home.
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My love for animals lead me to a career as a veterinary technician for 10 years prior to opening my first pet care business, petAngels, which operated in New Jersey from 2004 to 2017. I moved my pet care business to Wilmington, North Carolina in 2017, changing my business name to Aunt Jodi’s, which is how I refer to myself for all of my fur-babies.

Moving to North Carolina has been a dream come true for me, and I love everything Wilmington has to offer.